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Credit card statistics, industry facts, debt statistics
Feb 28, 2012 . Average credit card debt per household with credit card debt: . The topics at the top of the list of things that people say they are very or .

8 Average People With Embarrassingly Bad Debt | Credit Report
Apr 18, 2012 . If you find yourself struggling with debt, you're not alone. Here are eight average people with horrendous debt stories. Collectively, we can .

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    Mutual Improvement: How much credit card debt does the average ...
    Sep 13, 2006 . In any case, it looks like all sides agree that average debt is rising, and that a certain percentage of people have incredible debt as it is.

    How Much Is The Average Persons Debt?
    It's difficult to quote an average across the board, but here's the three major debt offenders and their respective numbers: Credit Card Debt: When it comes to the .

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    The big lie about credit card debt - MSN Money
    Jul 30, 2007 . You may have been shocked by a report that $9000 in card debt is 'average' for U.S. households -- or taken comfort that so many people were .

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    Average Briton is now £33000 in debt - Telegraph
    Nov 26, 2007 . The average adult now owes £33000 through mortgages, credit cards . the overall £33000 debt figure by adding up the debt of every person .

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    Young people struggle to deal with kiss of debt - USATODAY.com
    Nov 20, 2006 . Although the percentage of people ages 22 to 29 with debt has declined, their total debt is up 10%, to an average $16120 as of Aug.

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    Secret debt: one in three consumers hides financial problems from ...
    Apr 22, 2010 . The research, for the Post Office, shows that while the average personal debt in the UK is £9731.51 (excluding mortgages), people only admit .

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    What is the Average Household Credit Card Debt?
    Oct 19, 2009 . A single person with $5000 in debt is “worse” than a family with $5000 in . According to that report, the median household credit card debt was .

    Controlling your personal debt - Money 101, Lesson 9 - Money
    Learn how to control your personal debt and accomplish your financial goals . The average American household with at least one credit card has nearly . Most people spend thousands of dollars without much thought to what they're buying.

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    Average retired person 'has £8180 of debt' | The Actuary, official ...
    Mar 28, 2012 . The average retired person has £8180 of personal debt, with men owing more than women, according to research published today by MGM .

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    Average American Owes $2900 in Credit Card Debt
    Apr 16, 2004 . The average debt as a percentage of household income is 8.0%, though it is in double digits for people earning less than $40000 a year.

The Modern Need for a Helpful Debt Solution | About Payday Loans
In the last decade, more than ever, the average person is facing the modern crisis of debt management. With credit and debts spiralling out of control, many .