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. expense total. Assume average monthly living expenses are $1200. . The monthly payment for a 30-year fixed mortgage of $300000 at 6 percent is $1799.

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Your monthly mortgage payment -- including principal, interest, real estate taxes . payments each month should not exceed 36 percent, which comes to $1200.

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    How Much Does a $200000 House Cost?
    Just plug in the figures and out pops your monthly payment. Just remember that you need to figure in the cost of mortgage insurance, homeowner's insurance, .

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    May 11, 2010 . For example if your mortgage is $1200 per month, you would pay an . the 15- year, and you could use a weighted-average maturity of your .

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    The back-end ratio reflects your new mortgage payment, plus all recurring debt. . you plan to pay $1200 for a PITI payment, set aside $400 per month for three .

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    Jul 21, 2009 . even if you can get the monthly mortgage payment lowered with a . if I want to maintain my current monthly payment, assuming an average .

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    If you look at the documentation for your current mortgage loan, you will see that . For example if your monthly mortgage payment is normally $1200 dollars, you . The average homeowner with a 30-year mortgage can end up paying almost .

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    Use it to see how much of a mortgage you can get! . For example, a combined monthly mortgage payment of $1200 divided by gross monthly income of $4500 .

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    How to Pay Off a 30 Year Mortgage in 10 Years - Budgeting Money
    If one of your long-term financial goals is to eliminate mortgage debt before you . more to a monthly mortgage payment of $1200, you can pay off a $200000 loan . This won't lower your monthly mortgage payment, but it will reduce the loan .

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    Apr 11, 2008 . Getting that mortgage paid off quickly certainly helps save interest. . Sure, making an extra principal payment of $100 per month in the above . For example, the S&P 500 has averaged just over a 9% gain per year over the . If we paid that off, the $1200/month that we would not have to pony up would .

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    I have taken average numbers to come up with these figures to give you an . A $1200 payment per month for a 30 year fixed mortgage means the amount of .

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Mar 30, 2011 . You have to generate that money somehow to pay off that mortgage. . The average homeowner keeps a home for seven years. . original loan where the monthly payment is $1200, and you decide that you want to send in an .