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Mortgage Basics, Ch. 1: Can you afford that house? Know debt-to ...
The answer lies in debt-to-income ratios. . amount for monthly mortgage-related payments at 28 percent of gross income is $933. . 30 yr fixed average 3.82% .

What percentage of your net income should go towards a home ...
Feb 27, 2008 . What percentage of your net income should go towards a home mortgage? Lets say you have $5000 coming in per month, how much is a safe .

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    Your total monthly debt obligation should not be more than 36 percent of your gross income. Total debt includes the mortgage payment plus other obligations .

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    May 31, 2008. reader the average Median Mortgage Payment (% of Income) that a. . What is the percent of your monthly income spent on your mortgage .

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    Project America: Housing: Ownership: Percentage of Income
    Oct 23, 2008 . The 2007 average percentage of income homeowners use for housing . 1, 2009 ; have a primary mortgage of less than $729500; live in the .

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    If you sign on for a 15-year mortgage, you'll get a slightly lower interest rate but monthly payments will be higher (on average, about 27 percent higher than with .

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    Underwriting Guidelines for the Average Mortgage
    The percentage of one's debt to income is one of the most . Remember, their total debts (mortgage plus other debts) must .

    What Percentage of Income Can You Afford for Mortgage Payments?
    Sep 15, 2009 . I wouldn't call 35 percent of your pretax income on mortgage, property tax, and home insurance payments “conservative”. I'd call it average.

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    Nov 5, 2007 . percentage of salary that goes towards your mortgage Mortgages . the average amount now people were spending of their income on their .

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    What percentage of your monthly income should go toward your mortgage? In: Loans . But you should be aware that this is far higher than the historic average.

    Mortgages: How Much Can You Afford?
    Nov 3, 2011 . The front-end ratio is the percentage of your yearly gross income dedicated toward paying your mortgage each month. Your mortgage payment .

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    Mortgage Loans: How to Calculate Your Debt-to-Income Ratio ...
    Aug 8, 2011 . Debt to Income Ratio for Mortgage Loans. . and any other debts, should not exceed 36 percent of your income. . Next, factor in your average monthly credit card expenses, car payments, and any other rotating charges.

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    A debt-to-income ratio (often abbreviated DTI) is the percentage of a . and for homeowners is PITI (mortgage principal and interest, mortgage insurance premium . It was not until the 1970s that the average working person carried credit card .

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Oct 3, 2006 . The average homebuyer's income has doubled over the past 10 . now - but the percentage of income spent on mortgage repayments has .