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Average Homeowners Insurance Premiums and Rates by State
Roll over your state to see what homeowners in your state may be paying, on average, for homeowners insurance. For more information click a state and get .

Whats an average price for house insurance? (homeowners insurance ...
Jul 18, 2007 . Yeah...the insurance really varies based on any number of factors. It depends on where the house is located, how old the roof is, square .

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    What Is the Average Cost for Homeowners Insurance? | Home ...
    Homeowners insurance, also referred to as hazard insurance, provides a way for a homeowner to cover her losses if a disaster should cause damage to her .

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    Average Homeowners Insurance Costs Listed, State-by-State | PRLog
    PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 09, 2009 - You might already know that the condition of your home, your neighborhood, and its security features all factor into how .

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    The Average Homeowners Insurance - Budgeting Money
    Standard policies for homeowners insurance include five coverage areas: dwelling, other structures, personal property, additional living expenses and liability.

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    Average Homeowner Insurance Rates? | REALTOR.comŽ Blogs
    Mar 7, 2011 . Q: I know there are many factors to weigh in, but I was wondering how much I could count on homeowners insurance being for a 3-4 bedroom .

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    How do your home insurance rates compare with others? | Insure.com
    Mar 12, 2009 . Average home insurance and renters insurance premiums by state . storms) and the policy limits and deductibles chosen by homeowners.

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    Average Homeowners Insurance Cost | Home Insurance SuperTips
    The average homeowners insurance cost varies from state to state. Learn about the national average homeowners insurance cost and other factors that affect .

    Homeowners Insurance - Comparative Quotes and Discounts
    Our customers report average savings of up to $556/year on their homeowners insurance by taking advantage of our home-auto discounts. How much can we .

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    Homeowners Insurance Costs Soar
    Texas accounts for the second highest rate of average homeowners insurance at $1448 annually. The state did have the highest rate in the country until it was .

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    The Beginner's Guide To Homeowners' Insurance
    Jan 23, 2011 . The average yearly premium cost for U.S. homeowners insurance in 2008 (as of 2010, the latest year for which data is available) was $791, .

Low Cost Homeowners Insurance Guide
Looking for online Home Insurance Guide or average home owners insurance websites? Or perhaps Buying Cheap Homeowners Insurance for work or family .