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BBC News - Average UK student debts 'could hit 53000'
Aug 11, 2011 . Average debts may reach 53000 for UK students starting in 2012 - double the figure for 2011 - an annual survey suggests. The Push .

BBC NEWS | UK | Education | New students 'face 23000 debt'
Aug 18, 2009 . Students in England have the highest levels of debt - an average of . the UK have their tuition fees paid by the government, and students no .

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    BBC News - Student debt 'to reach 25000' for 2010 intake
    Aug 12, 2010 . The annual survey of 2000 UK students for university guide Push also found average yearly debt had increased by 5.4% to 5600 per year of .

    Student debt nears 60000 for 2012 university freshers, survey ...
    Aug 12, 2011 . It was published on guardian.co.uk at 00.01 BST on Friday 12 August . Students now at university are racking up an average debt of 5681 a .

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    Parents underestimating student debt | Money | guardian.co.uk
    Jul 16, 2010 . However, university research site Push.co.uk claims that the average student graduating in July 2011 will find themselves with 21198 of debt.

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    Times Higher Education - Student debt 'to double' under new fee ...
    Aug 12, 2011 . The findings, published today by the student guide Push, suggest that the average debt faced by UK graduates could rise from 26100 to .

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    Average UK Student Debt 'Could Hit 53000'
    Aug 12, 2011 . Average student debt for students starting in 2012 could hit 53000, according to the Push university guide. This is twice as much as for those .

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    Credit Action - The National Money Education Charity | UK Debt ...
    Extracts of these debt statistics and figures may be reproduced subject to the following . Credit Crunching - A Student Guide · Christian Resources . Average household debt in the UK (excluding mortgages) was 8002 in February.

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    Student debt will DOUBLE next year | Mail Online
    Aug 12, 2011 . The poll, which questioned more than 2800 students at 115 UK university . In England, this average debt is 5876, in Wales it is 6231, .

    Student debt in the UK - Eurograduate
    Student debt in the UK Crippling student debt, which will take 11 years on average to clear, is forcing almost four in ten graduates (38%) to put their life on hold, .

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    Average Student Loan Debt: $25250
    Nov 3, 2011 . Average Student Debt . New Hampshire had the highest average graduating debt of any state at $31048, while Utah was . UK,Canada:Stop!

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    Student loan debt at UK lower than national level | The Kentucky ...
    Apr 4, 2012 . Studentaid.ed.gov said with the average student loan at UK ($19800), the . One program that can help student loan debt is the PeaceCorps.

Push Student Debt Survey 2010: Debts for UK Students Near ...
Aug 13, 2010 . The annual survey of UK student debt by Push shows that the average total college or uni debts for new starters are estimated to rise to close to .